Contact Center, Marketing, and Business Consulting

We didn’t set out to change the world. 

Just to improve business processes, contact centers, and marketing to bring sanity to an often broken aspect of running pretty much any business on earth. A return to common sense in most cases, and to update systems and provide thought leadership for others.

How do we make money you ask? Great question, and here’s the high level skinny –

  1. We look at a client’s challenges to determine if it’s something we can help them with. 
  2. What is the ROI we can provide? There needs to be a large enough opportunity for us both to succeed.
  3. Can we work with this client in the long term? We follow the ‘no a$$hole’ rule, and so should you. Life’s too short to work with people that say yes when they mean no, or can’t be trusted, or are just caustic and self absorbed. We are really nice, take things step by step, pay attention to details, and have good manners. We even chew with our mouth closed, and say please and thank you.
  4. We get paid according to some schedule our clients agree to in advance. This is typically some transaction level component, and sometimes a recurring revenue share when appropriate.
  5. For example a Virtual Reality/3D Tour service for real estate; It’s a monthly service, and we are paid a percentage of the monthly revenue for each client our suggested changes helped them sign up for the service.

Sometimes we get paid a LOT. This means our client is killing it! This happens a lot, and we love it. Having very happy long term clients is just fun. And profitable. We’re spoiled, but then so are our clients. 🙂

For more details or to schedule a free initial consultation call Wayne Sheppard – (305)-923-2246.

*Note that we don’t have an email newsletter form, contact us, opt-in popups, clickbait or ebook download lead magnets. We want to have an actual dialog, live, on the phone (or Skype). Yeah, weird huh? If you aren’t serious enough to actually talk to us, noodle it some more and see where you land. Still not ready? That’s ok, we’ll be around… Peace and goodwill toward all.